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My Tribute to a 110 Year-Old Saint Upon Her Homegoing

(My current newspaper column) This week I got word that my life-long friend Trudie Martin had passed away. I could tell there was something in the flow and sting of my tears telling me that the loss was more profound than I initially understood or was prepared for.  When I say I was unprepared, Trudie [...]

You Can Always See Mayberry From Here

(This is my column published in the Charlotte Observer, Williamson Herald, and Spring Hill Informer.) The morning I heard Andy Griffith had passed away I closed my office door and cried. Many hours later I was still quite melancholy and trying to understand what the deep sadness was about. I grew up watching “The Andy [...]

When life hands you lemons … keep the juice away from a paper cut

by Ramon Presson       I overheard the person say it as though she had recently come out of a 20-year coma and had just stumbled upon the phrase as a fresh novelty and nugget of wisdom that simply had to be shared with the rest of the world. “When life gives you lemons, [...]

Thanks From Ramon

I’m humbled and grateful for the overwhelming support received for WWMLNS by readers like yourself. What is most gratifying are the stories of how people came in contact with the book and how it has truly encouraged them. Please share your comments and stories with me at